Rust Repair

Rust Repair

Rust can greatly effect your vehicle’s lifespan and resale value. Not to mention, it’s never a pleasant sight! Leaving rust untreated will only give it the opportunity to spread and cause greater damage. Whether it’s due to the climate or from dents and scratches, our experts at Lanchester Auto Body will bring your vehicle back to life in no time.

Our goal is to provide you an inexpensive and effective solution for repairing your vehicle. Depending on the location and severity of the rust, we offer a few options when it comes to rust repairs: slip-on rockers, rust repair quarters and door skins, and full replacement factory body panels. Rust spots that are fresh and caught early enough can typically be sanded away and repainted, whereas metal that has been eaten away by rust will need to be replaced. 

The benefits of rust repair include:

1. Resale Value. Rust-free vehicles have a higher resale value and sell quicker.

2. Save on Repair Costs. Preventing and treating rust before it spreads will result in fewer maintenance issues and repairs. Delaying treatment will cause electronic components to corrode, which can be costly.

3. Safety.  In collisions, corroded parts can cause panels to collapse in ways not intended by the manufacturer.

4. Longer Lifecycle. Rust-free vehicles last longer mechanically and structurally.

5. Environmental Impact. Rust-free vehicles and their metal components can be recycled, thereby reducing waste.

Whether you’re a high-end restoration shop or just someone simply looking to make their everyday vehicle look its best, our experienced technicians are here to help!

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