Auto Painting

Auto Painting

At Lanchester Auto Body, we offer professional auto painting for all vehicle types. Whether you need your vehicle to be brought back to life or have had a collision, our technicians will provide you with a seamless finish.

They'll begin by preparing your vehicle for paint, starting with cleaning it and removing any dirt or material that could interfere with a flawless finish. Once your vehicle has been primed, our paint technicians will sand and prepare it for painting.

We use PPG Waterborne Paint and a Downdraft Booth System which allows us to accurately match your vehicle's factory finish while remaining environmentally friendly. There is less odor in the work environment and improved air quality, which won't compromise color-matching.

Compared to other spray paint booths, downdraft emphasizes cleanliness and quality. Top to bottom airflow greatly reduces contamination from dust and other environmental contaminants that could stick to the part during spray application. This reduces the need for buffing or rework after the coating is applied. It also mitigates the build-up of overspray in the booth, which eases routine maintenance burdens.

The use of PPG Waterborne paint results in a better finish compared to traditional solvent paint. PPG also prevents wasteful over-mixture because less product is required.

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